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GMAC’s New Campaign Encourages Families to Create Sight Sanctuaries

June 26, 2023

myopia awareness campaign

Influencer Ariel Tyson created a Sight Sanctuary with her family after her 9-year-old son was diagnosed with myopia.

ST. LOUIS — The Global Myopia Awareness Coalition has officially launched its next myopia awareness campaign with the debut of Sight Sanctuary.

This generation of parents remembers a time when playing outside was the apex of childhood fun. With the increase in screen presence in a child’s life, things are different now. When factoring in TV time, phones, tablets, and video games, most children aren’t engaged with the great outdoors — they’re inside with their eyes glued to a screen, which can cause an increase in myopia progression. 

Leveraging this timely situation, GMAC will tap into nostalgia and bring outdoor fun back to the forefront, encouraging families to prioritize eye health by creating their very own Sight Sanctuary (i.e., treehouse, fort, dedicated space for sports, etc.) and highlighting the importance of spending time in these spaces instead of indoors on screens or doing near work. Campaign messaging will also emphasize the importance of scheduling annual eye doctor appointments and asking about new myopia treatment options before heading back to school.

Awareness of the campaign will be communicated through partnerships with nine influencer partners at various tiers and connections to myopia. Each of the influencers will include campaign messaging in their posts and drive traffic to the GMAC campaign hub, At the website, consumers can learn more about myopia and new treatment options, as well as download new resources, including an eye health infographic and eye doctor discussion guide translated in three additional languages.

GMAC will conduct media outreach to top-tier consumer outlets, utilizing the efforts of social media influencers, including Ariel Tyson, who is passionate about protecting her family’s eye health because one of her seven kids was diagnosed with myopia. Additionally, parents, teachers, health care providers, and eye doctors located in the U.S. and Canada will share the GMAC campaign messaging in an engaging way to reach their audience of peers and parents across their respective owned channels, driving traffic to the website and relevant resources.


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