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PolyU, ZEISS Partner to Expand the Reach of Myopia Control Technology

April 26, 2024

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HONG KONG — The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has announced a new partnership with ZEISS Vision Care. The two companies will be working together to expand the global impact and speed up the market penetration of PolyU’s proprietary myopia control lens technologies through global partnership involving IP licensing and joint research and development.

Under the terms of the agreement, ZEISS will adopt PolyU’s patented myopia control technology in its specialized optical products. This partnership paves the way for a long-term collaboration in research and development between PolyU and ZEISS, focusing on myopia control and other ophthalmic technologies. The close relationship between PolyU and ZEISS started some years ago when both partners began to explore collaboration on research and education.

The licensing agreement signing ceremony was held at ZEISS Vision Care’s headquarters in Aalen, Germany, and was attended by representatives from both parties, including Prof. Chea-su Kee, Head of the PolyU School of Optometry; Dr. Benjamin Viering, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer, ZEISS Vision Care; Kelvin Wong, Director of Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship of PolyU; and Timo Kratzer, Head of Lens Product Development at ZEISS Vision Care. Also present were inventors of the myopia control technologies from the PolyU School of Optometry, including Dr. Dennis Tse, Associate Professor; Prof. Chi-ho To, Visiting Chair Professor; and Prof. Carly Lam, Adjunct Professor.

“This collaboration with a global industry leader like ZEISS Vision Care not only accelerates the market presence of our innovations, but also amplifies the impact of our research and endeavors in commercialization,” said Wong. “PolyU innovations in the areas of myopia control and other ophthalmic issues are poised to make unprecedented societal impact.”

“PolyU and ZEISS have been working closely together for many years. Further research into the understanding and treatment of myopia is of paramount importance and requires intensive cooperation between academia and industry,” said Dr. Viering. “We are therefore very pleased to deepen our cooperation to combat progressive myopia for the benefit of children around the world.”

PolyU has been at the forefront of addressing myopia, an eye disorder that affects one-third of the global population, with a novel non-invasive solution to control the development of myopia in children. In particular, researchers from the School of Optometry have developed advanced myopia control technologies, which have been incorporated in specialized contact lenses and spectacle lenses. Since their launch in 2018, these innovative products have reached millions of people worldwide, positively impacting the lives of children with myopia and establishing PolyU as the market leader in myopia control technology.

The partnership between PolyU and ZEISS Vision Care is expected to create further innovative solutions that will enhance vision preservation and improvement for people around the world.

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