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Proactively Addressing Progressive Myopia with Evidence-Based Treatment Strategies

Dwight Akerman, OD, MBA, FAAO Congratulations to all the researchers and clinicians who collaborated to create the open access International Myopia Institute (IMI) Myopia White...

Children Can Wear Soft Contact Lenses Safely

Although the evidence is clear on the effectiveness of contact lenses in slowing myopia, issues around the safety of contact lens wear remain.

How to Get Mom to Say “Yes”

Anyone who has ever attempted to treat a myopic child knows it’s just a matter of time until you hear the question, “Why haven’t I heard about this before?”

Why Kids Don’t Wear Prescribed Glasses–and How to Get Them to

Pediatric patients don’t always wear the glasses the doctor prescribes, and it’s not just because they are children. Reasons for noncompliance can be complex and involve parents.

Finding Potential New Patients

You’ve invested time and money into the skills and equipment required to provide cutting-edge myopia management. Perhaps you’ve purchased a state-of-the-art topographer for fitting ortho-k lenses? Now you’re wondering, “How do I reach potential new patients?”

Communicating with Parents/Guardians is Key to Compliance

You have read the concerns regarding myopia, in particular high myopia, you have the desire to help curb the trend and you understand the different options available. Now all you must do is put it into practice. Miscommunication is often cited as the most common reason for lack of compliance in medical practice...

Practice Success Strategies: 12 Actions to Create a Myopia Management Specialty

Achieving success in myopia management requires a strategy. The following 12 actions are integral to building a myopia management specialty...

Myopia Treatments: How to Choose and When to Use?

Effective management in children and young adults may require different interventions. Learn which works best for your case.

Bring Myopia Management to the Foreground

Optometrists are no strangers to myopia. In fact, maybe we have become too comfortable with treating this condition, flipping on autopilot mode when prescribing glasses and contacts...

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