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IOT Introduces Spectacle Lens for Myopia Management

October 23, 2023

myopia management solution MADRID, Spain — IOT has released the Myopia Management Solution lens in Europe (EU and U.K.), Asia, Latin America, and Canada to treat children’s myopia.

The Myopia Management Solution lens features Myo Free-Form Technology, an innovation that effectively slows down the progression of axial elongation in children’s eyes. The lens incorporates asymmetric positive defocus on the back surface, which is calibrated to the natural asymmetry of the retina. This ensures a full correction of the refractive error at the fovea while inducing a myopic defocus on the peripheral retina, effectively combating ocular elongation, and slowing down the progression of myopia.

The free-form lens design includes two zones. In the center is a clear visual zone, 7mm in horizontal size, with an ovoidal shape that improves vision on the vertical axis. Surrounding this first zone, there is the myopia treatment zone with asymmetric peripheral defocus, strategically calibrated with +1.80D and +1.50D (temporal and nasal areas) and +2.00D at the bottom of the lens. These carefully calculated zones improve children’s vision while simultaneously treating their myopia progression.

The Myopia Management Solution lens can be produced in any desired material, and the lenses are thinner, which makes for a more aesthetic look. The peripheral defocus applied on the myopia lens is undetectable on the lens surface, with no visible marks or lines.

The efficacy of the Myopia Management Solution has been evaluated in the first randomized, double-masked study (NCT05250206) carried out specifically in a European population. Participants were between the ages of 6 and 12 and wore the lenses for one year. Compared to children in standard single-vision lenses, children wearing the Myopia Management Solution lens had a 39% lower axial length increase after 12 months.

Other data from the study showed:

  • 97% of children were satisfied with the IOT Myopia lens for distance, intermediate, and near vision
  • 95% of children said that the IOT lens was comfortable
  • 100% of children said that the IOT lens provided sharpness

The final clinical trial participants finished the 12-month follow-up visit at the end of September 2023. IOT is working on preparing a paper with the 12-month results.

For more information on the IOT Myopia Management Solution lens, click here.

Disclaimer: The IOT Myopia Management Solution lens is not yet available in the United States.



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