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Hoot Myopia Care Launches On-Demand Learning Center for ODs

June 16, 2023

Hoot On Demand Learning Center

The Hoot Myopia Care team has worked to create training for ODs and all office staff.

PRINCETON, N.J. — Hoot Myopia Care has launched a new feature for member practices, an on-demand learning center that provides myopia management training and education for eye care professionals.

“In addition to the excellent source of clinical and practice management information they already receive from reputed academic journals, optometrists ask us for training their associates and staff on topics around sales, marketing, parent communications, how to present fees, and creating a seamless experience for parents and patients,” said Bob Miglani, Founder and CEO of Hoot.

“We’re thrilled to announce that all that training and sharing of nationwide best practices is now a click away. By clicking Hoot Academy on their Hoot dashboard, optometrists and their staff will get instant access to countless hours of video-based training, webinars, master classes, live consults, and much more. This new feature will help optometrists save time, improve practice efficiency and boost staff retention, thereby helping to deliver a quality patient experience.”

Hoot On Demand Learning Center

The Hoot training videos cover a full range of myopia management topics, including practice management. 

Hoot Academy will have training around many topics including:

  • Effective language to use in the exam room
  • How staff can prepare for a myopia consult
  • How to structure forms and agreements for fee contracts
  • How to handle difficult questions from parents
  • Cutting edge marketing strategies for educating parents at home
  • Best practices around referral management

In addition to on-demand training for optometrists, Hoot Academy will also host regular parent-facing webinars and livestream events intended to educate parents of myopic children directly on their mobile device.

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