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The Compounding Center Offers Patented Atropine Eye Dropper

December 23, 2020

LEESBURG, Virigina – The Compounding Center, a compounding pharmacy specializing in customized, compounded medications for human and animal patients, has released atropine eye drops for childhood myopia in a patented dropper. The Compounding Center’s atropine eye drops address the risk that ordinary eye drops may harbor bacteria by touching the tip or just plain exposure to air, according to the company.

“We’re so excited to launch this novel dropper bottle for our atropine eye drops. The one-way valve protects the sterile drops by eliminating the possibility of the patient accidentally contaminating the bottle,” said CEO Cheri Garvin. “Our new atropine bottle is easy to use, travel friendly, and does not require any frozen storage.”

The benefits of The Compounding Center’s atropine eye drops include: a bottle designed to prevent bacterial contamination through its one-way valve; a tamper-proof and leak-proof dropper; a blue tip that acts as a focal point for accurate application; product testing by an independent laboratory before dispensing; and pharmacist-compounded, diluted atropine eye medication.

“The diluted form of atropine is not yet FDA approved for childhood myopia. It is currently being used off-label, but the clinical trials are promising and likely to bring an approval,” Garvin told Review of Myopia Management.

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