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OK Love Licenses Myopia Management Bootcamp to Fellow ODs

March 27, 2024

OK Love bootcamps train ECPs on the ins and outs of myopia management.

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. — Glenda Aleman, OD, started OK Love as a a consulting organization in 2019 for eye care professionals to turn to for resources and tools to find success with myopia management. Not long after the inception of OK Love, Dr. Aleman put together Myopia Control Bootcamps in her home state of Florida. Now, after demand to expand the OK Love Myopia Control Bootcamps to other parts of the country, Dr. Aleman is working with five fellow ODs and licensing the program to be available in other states this year. 

“We’ve been doing the bootcamps for three years, and we’ve hosted eight events so far in Miami,” Dr. Aleman told Review of Myopia Management. “Ever since, I’ve been getting requests from colleagues from all over the country asking when I was hosting another bootcamp, and if I’d have one in their city. It really got me thinking about how I could make that happen. We’ve done virtual events, but I’ve found with myopia management, ODs want that hands-on experience. 

“Now, we’re licensing the OK Love program to amazing KOLs to bring the bootcamps to other parts of the country,” Dr. Aleman continued. “The main goal is to multiply our results – to reach more patients, because we need a lot more doctors doing myopia management. Our mission is to train as many doctors in myopia management as we can. We do that by having a small group setting, which is very inviting for doctors to interact with one another. We’re helping them get over their initial fear and just getting started.” 

Dr. Aleman will be working with Dr. Arthur Jung, Dr. Hanish Patel, Dr. Roxanne Coan, Dr. Matthew Martin, and Dr. Ralph Bourjolly on expanding the OK Love Myopia Control Bootcamps. She explained that the goal is to replicate the events, maintaining the same program and event flow, but expanding the reach to different parts of the country, including New York, Chicago, and Orlando – all of which are scheduled for this year. (See dates below.)

Attendees at the OK Love bootcamps receive certificates of completion at the end of the event.

“The beautiful thing about these collaborations is that we’re only going to elevate the OK Love Bootcamps that we already have,” Dr. Aleman said. “We have these great minds all putting our knowledge, experience, and efforts together to improve upon what we’ve been doing.” 

“I am always on the lookout to share the best specialty in all of eye care,” said Dr. Martin. “Myopia management, and specifically OrthoK, is far and away the best and most rewarding part of being an eye doctor! When I heard about the exciting things OK Love was doing, I wanted to be a part of this exciting organization.”

“Working with OK Love has been a fulfilling experience, and the most rewarding part has been witnessing the growth of myopia management,” said Dr. Bourjolly. “From participating in Bootcamps locally, to collaborating with our amazing team of KOLs, to working with industry leaders, we are making a difference, one doctor and one patient at a time. Our commitment to prioritizing myopia management for the benefit of patients remains unwavering. I am proud to be a part of such an inspiring team, and I look forward to continuing our mission of reshaping the world through myopia control.”

The upcoming OK Love Bootcamps include: 

  • April 12: Miami, Florida
  • April 18: New York, New York
  • May 3: Auburn, Michigan 
  • June 2: Orlando, Florida


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