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Tech Era and Plano Team Up to Address Myopia in Africa

September 14, 2021

GHANA, Africa, and SINGAPORE — Plano Pte. Ltd., the Singapore-based technology company that has dedicated itself to helping consumers foster healthy relationships with digital devices, announced that it has teamed up with Tech Era, a technology company in Ghana, to address myopia across Africa.

“We are delighted to partner with Tech Era, with long-term plans already well underway to make Plano’s ecosystem accessible and relevant for families in Africa,” said Plano’s Founding Managing Director, Mohamed Dirani.

Tech Era creates technology, facilitates strategic partnerships, and designs sustainable intervention programs to ensure that everyone, especially vulnerable populations, can access life changing products, services, and intervention programs. Tech Era’s vision is to remove accessibility gaps and it seeks to achieve a part of this through the partnership with Plano by ensuring that children and parents in Africa can have access to Plano’s products and services to help keep them safe online and their eyes healthy.

This partnership marks Plano’s first collaboration with a partner in Africa and the companies will introduce Plano’s easy-to-use, innovative, and science-based technological solutions to children and families in Africa to keep them safe online and their eyes healthy — with a focus on myopia. The Plano application, that helps encourage behavior that is protective for myopia, is now available on all smartphones and tablets in Ghana, Africa, according to the announcement.

Through this partnership, Tech Era and Plano will continue to work together to address the growing public health concern of myopia on the African Continent by (1) developing a sustainable model for myopia education and awareness initiatives that are tailored for families, teachers, and other important stakeholders in Africa and (2) driving the uptake and engagement of Plano’s science-based technological solutions to mitigate the risk factors for myopia, with a focus on better managing the use of digital devices in children in Africa.

“Tech Era’s partnership with Plano is crucial to ensure that parents and children in Africa have access to the world’s leading science-based intervention that keeps children’s eyes and their mobile device use safe,” said Derick Omari, CEO of Tech Era.

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