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MyopiaCare Updates MyAppia with a New Tool to Show Axial Length Growth Curve

March 3, 2020


Lausanne, Switzerland — Pascal Blaser, M.Sc., founder of MyopiaCare, an online educational platform for myopia specialists and parents, announced today an update to the MyAppia calculator that adds MyoCalc, an online axial-length graphic that can illustrate a child’s myopia progression compared to real patient data.

With the addition of MyoCalc, MyAppia lets eye care professionals enter a child’s measurements and dates into the MyopiaCare platform and create an actual visualization of myopia progression.

“It is easier to show the need for myopia therapy by illustrating it,” Blaser said. “Parents are familiar with this kind of graph because it is similar to the ones used by pediatricians to track a child’s height and weight. Using actual measurements and comparing them with different risk profiles is more in line with parents’ experience and therefore more understandable.”

These online graphics will help the worldwide effort to increase awareness about myopia progression in children and its potential long-term pathologies, Blaser said.

MyopiaCare added the MyAppia online calculator in 2019 with support from myopia specialist Thomas Aller, OD, FBCLA. MyAppia was originally developed in 2016 as an Android app.

About MyopiaCare: MyopiaCare, founded in 2015, is an online platform developed to educate parents and support eye care specialists in their fight against myopia progression in children.

The platform includes three websites, an information page for parents (, one for specialists ( and the web application including a questionnaire, myopia risk calculators and specialist locator (

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