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IMI Presents Myopia White Papers at American Academy of Optometry 2023

October 16, 2023

myopia white papersNEW ORLEANS, La. — The International Myopia Institute (IMI) presented the third installment of its myopia management white papers at the American Academy of Optometry’s Annual Meeting and announced that the summaries of some of those white papers are now available for open access online. Following publications in 2019 and 2021, the 2023 IMI white papers feature five articles plus an introduction and a digest written by experts in the myopia space.

Summaries of the 2023 white papers are now available here:

In addition, the IMI shared that its next series of white papers will be published in 2025 and will feature the following topics:

  • Light and Myopia, chaired by Prof. Regan Ashby (Australia) and Dr. Elise Harb (U.S.)
  • Update on Global Prevalence, chaired by Dr. Timothy Frick (Australia)
  • Myopia as a Public Health Issue, chaired by Prof. Serge Resnikoff (France)
  • Instruments and Diagnostic Procedures, chaired by Prof. Deborah Jones (Canada)
  • Interventions for Myopia, chaired by Prof. Christine Wildsoet (U.S.) and Dr. Paul Gifford (Australia)
  • Global Practitioner Survey on Myopia Management Uptake, chaired by Prof. James Wolffsohn (U.K.)
  • IMI 2025 Digest, chaired by Dr. Nina Tahhan (Australia)

At the end of the presentation, the IMI honored four awards recipients:

  • IMI Early Career Travel Award: Sandra Wagner and Amy Chow
  • IMI Early Career Surprise Best Poster Award: Grace Walther, Optical Effects of Decentering Myopia Control Contact Lenses
  • IMI Early Career Surprise Best Paper Award: Emily Pieterse, Response of Accommodation and Vergence Systems to Low-Dose Atropine in Young Adult Myopes

For more information on the IMI white papers, including additional practitioner resources, click here.

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