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HOYA Launches Global Myopia Education Campaign: ‘Myopia Care for Kids’

July 26, 2022

BANGKOK — HOYA Vision Care has taken steps to spread awareness about myopia around the world by launching the “Myopia Care for Kids” campaign.

The goal of the initiative is twofold: to raise awareness about the growing global rise of  myopia in children, which commonly begins in children ages 6-14,1 and to provide detailed  information about the innovative2 MiYOSMART spectacle lens developed specifically for kids to slow down myopia progression in children ages 8-13.

“Our new global campaign ‘Myopia Care for Kids’ takes a proactive approach, encouraging parents to  learn more and have conversations with their eye care professional about myopia, best treated early to avoid long-term vision issues,”4 said Oxana Pastushenko, Chief Marketing Officer, HOYA Vision Care. “The integrated campaign focuses on knowledge building and chartering an action-oriented approach to slow down the progression of myopia so that children can keep moving forward with their active lives.” 

The Myopia Care for Kids campaign will be rolled out globally in 2022 in the countries where MiYOSMART is already available. Over 2 million MiYOSMART spectacle lenses have been purchased by parents across the world.5 

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER — MiYOSMART has not been approved for myopia management in some  countries, including the U.S., and is not currently available for sale in some countries, including the  U.S. 



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