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AAOMC Offers ECPs Two New Myopia Management Certifications

July 7, 2022

Kids’ use of screen time is one of the major reasons for practitioners to get involved with myopia management.

In response to the growing number of professionals interested in myopia management specialization, the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control (AAOMC) has recently unveiled two new certifications: Certified Myopia Manager (CMM) and Certified Myopia Navigator (CMN).

The Certified Myopia Manager is available to AAOMC member eye care professionals (OD, Optician, MD) who are practicing myopia management. The certification provides validation of competency to patients, the public, and colleagues. It also distinguishes members as CMMs in the AAOMC doctor search tool. 

While some ECPs wish to attain the AAOMC’s fellowship designation (FIAOMC), the time commitment, limited access to patients, or limited experience in myopia management can make doing so difficult. The CMM certification is an alternative that can be more accessible to more ECPs. To get certified, ECPs must attend a Vision By Design meeting, study with the AAOMC’s guide, pass the certification test, and be in good standing with their AAOMC memberships.

Additionally, the AAOMC recognizes the value of well-trained technicians. The Certified Myopia Navigator is a one-of-a-kind certification, meant specifically for technicians who demonstrate the highest level of knowledge and clinic skills in the field of myopia management. This honor brings increased respect from patients, coworkers, and employers.  The AAOMC also has a staff-level  membership, as well as ongoing staff training programs.

To receive the CMN certification, ECPs must attend staff boot camp, either in-person or virtually, pass the certification exam, and be in good standing with their AAOMC memberships.

Click here for more information on the CMM certification and here for more information on the CMN certification.

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