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MyopiaCare Updates Online Myopia Calculators

September 15, 2021

RENENS, Switzerland — MyopiaCare  announced that its two online myopia calculators — Myappia and MyoCalc Pro — have been updated to include an axial length growth chart and real patient data to help practitioners illustrate the impact of myopia.

“It is easier to clarify the need for myopia therapy by illustrating it,” said Sigrid Blaser, Administrator of MyopiaCare. “Parents are familiar with this kind of graph as they are similar to the ones used by the pediatricians to track the weights and heights of their children. Using actual measurements and comparing them with different risk profiles is more in line with parents’ experience and therefore more understandable.”

The axial length growth curve on Myappia allows practitioners to analyze real patient data.

In 2019, myopia specialist Thomas Aller, OD FBCLA, worked to integrate the Myappia online calculator onto the MyopiaCare website in an effort to illustrate myopia progression to parents in the Pro Version. Both graphs have now been updated with actual patient prescription data as a public Light Version. The increased availability of instruments that measure eye length enables practitioners to track children’s myopia development over time. Entering the measurements and dates into the MyopiaCare platform provides an actual visualization of myopia progression for each child. Compared to the Pro Version, the patient data is not stored in the Light version.

On MyoCalc, ECPs can utilize patient data to illustrate the long-term impact of myopia.

Originally developed in 2016 as an Android App, both calculators can now be found for free online. Click here to access Myappia and here to access MyoCalc

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