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CooperVision’s Asia-Pacific Myopia Management Symposium Set for December 10

December 6, 2023

Asia Pacific Myopia Management SymposiumSINGAPORE — CooperVision’s third Asia-Pacific Myopia Management Symposium (APMMS) is scheduled for Sunday, December 10, and virtual registration is still open. In partnership with Universal Eye Center, the hybrid event will bring together internationally renowned eye care professionals as they discuss the rising prevalence of myopia in the Asia Pacific region and new interventions available to manage the disease.

The one-day immersive event is expected to act as a catalyst for the exchange of ideas, discoveries, and innovations by fostering a cohesive community that advances myopia management as the standard of care across the region.  

“Myopia is the most common ocular disease worldwide and a leading cause of visual impairment. Left unchecked or uncorrected, myopia can progressively worsen with age. Fortunately, myopia can be managed and slowed down with a combination of lifestyle and treatment approaches,” said Kathy Park, President, CooperVision Asia Pacific. “We are proud to spearhead APMMS as a cornerstone event for myopia management. By uniting industry leaders globally, we strive to underscore the significance of myopia management in children. Our ultimate mission is to mobilize eye care experts, engage parents and caregivers, emphasize the need for early intervention, and champion innovative treatments that will shape the future of eye care.”

The symposium highlights the urgency of driving awareness of the rising burden of myopia, the need for early intervention through evidence-based treatments, as well as best practices in myopia management respectively. It is divided into three sessions: “Reframing Myopia: A Disease Demanding Urgent Treatment,” “Empowering Myopia Control: Leveraging Technology, Research, and Real-World Evidence,” and “Building a Future-Proof Practice with Myopia Management,” 

“With a legacy of over three decades in Taiwan and five consecutive JCI accreditations since 2010, Universal Eye Center currently manages close to a million outpatient visits each year supported by a dedicated team of over 400 expert eye care professionals,” said Dr. Lin Pi Jung, President of Universal Eye Center. “As a leader in myopia control and management in Taiwan who is committed to the pursuit of innovation, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality treatments, we hope to elevate the standard of vision care for children through our strategic partnership with CooperVision at APMMS 2023, working toward a future together where every pair of eyes can see clear, see comfort, and see the future.”

The conference will showcase presentations by renowned eye care experts from across the globe including from the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and Singapore, as well as CooperVision’s leadership. Virtual registration is still open and can be accessed here:

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