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All About Vision’s Myopia Hub Honored at Digital Health Awards

July 26, 2023

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DALLAS — All About Vision’s Myopia Hub is earning recognition from the Digital Health Awards, an annual award that honors the best digital health resources developed for consumers and health professionals. The Myopia Hub, which features articles and interactive content to spread myopia awareness, received the bronze award for “Best Web Portal.”

“We are honored to be recognized by the Digital Health Awards for our contributions to the online health space as a credible resource for vision and eye care information,” said Kristy Theis, Director of Content of All About Vision. “All About Vision has already helped thousands of people online learn about their health and secure a better understanding of their eyes and vision. We will remain a resource people can trust to answer their questions and continue to grow as a platform changing lives for the better.”

All About Vision’s Myopia Hub won bronze in the awards’ Web Portal category. The hub was created in conjunction with researchers from the International Myopia Institute, the World Health Organization, the Brien Holden Vision Institute, and others to develop accessible content with the most updated and relevant data and information about myopia. The hub has a unique interactive myopia simulator, demonstrating what increasing levels of nearsightedness look like, and a myopia assessment to determine risk.

In addition to recognition for the Myopia Hub, All About Vision scored bronze awards for two articles on its website, including “Are Eye Exams Just as Important as Other Health Exams?” and “What Your Eye Doctor Can Tell About Your Heart Health,” and a merit award for “A Guide to Vision Changes that Can Occur After a Stroke.” The content was judged based on its credibility, completeness, and ease of understanding.

Access the Myopia Hub here.


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