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CooperVision Launches MiSight Digital Ecosystem to Promote Myopia Education

May 12, 2022

Aspiring Olympic ice skater Violet, 11, who uses MiSight 1 day contact lenses.

SAN RAMON, Calif. — In an effort to spread awareness about myopia and make educational resources more accessible, CooperVision has launched a digital ecosystem to amplify real-life myopia stories from age-appropriate* children. Developed specifically for the U.S. market, the online resources also support eye care professionals in helping families learn about myopia control and contact lens hygiene beyond the exam room.

With at its core, the initiative extends across YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram, the three most-used social media platforms in the U.S.1 Together, families can watch the stories of eight-year-old gymnast twins Madeline and Olivia, 11-year-old hockey player Adam, and 11-year-old aspiring Olympic ice skater Violet. MiSight 1 day contact lenses provide the vision correction 2,[3]±‡ and lifestyle convenience needed in their active lives,4 while slowing the progression of myopia2† to benefit their long-term eye health.

Other feature stories and videos take families through myopia management milestones, such as learning to insert and remove contact lenses, and managing screen time and near work. A companion online forum hosted on the parenting website TinyBeans connects parents with eye care experts who will directly respond to questions about their child’s vision. The vibrant, family-friendly resources extend eye health conversations from the eye care practice into the living room, bolstering understanding and commitment in managing a child’s myopia.

This new digital ecosystem advances the myopia education and awareness-building objectives that started with CooperVision’s parent education campaign “Take Control: Myopia & You.” Since that debuted last fall, its efforts have amassed 330 million impressions and nearly 40 million engagements through consumer media coverage, social media, and other online platforms. One in five parents exposed to the campaign reported reaching out to their ECP to learn more.

“The MiSight digital ecosystem has been helpful to share with parents so that they can learn more about myopia control for age-appropriate children and MiSight 1 day at their own pace,” said Andrew Neukirch, OD, Carillon Vision Care, who participated in the program’s pilot phase. “Hearing directly from other parents and children has been great for building trust in the treatment and for sharing tips on contact lens wear. CooperVision’s commitment and leadership has been vital to the growth of myopia management and control in my practice and across the country.”


*Indications for use: MiSight® 1 day (omafilcon A) soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses for daily wear are indicated for the correction of myopic ametropia and for slowing the progression of myopia in children with non-diseased eyes, who at the initiation of treatment are 8-12 years of age and have a refraction of -0.75 to -4.00 diopters (spherical equivalent) with ≤ 0.75 diopters of astigmatism. The lens is to be discarded after each removal.

†Compared to a single vision 1 day lens over a three-year period.

± VA (LogMAR) > 6/6 (20/20) at all visits from dispensing to six-year visit.

‡ Children aged 8-12 at the initiation of treatment.

҂ 77% strongly agree, 20% somewhat agree.

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5 CVI data on file 2022. U.S. CooperVision online survey: Vision Source ECP MiSight Perspectives; n=101 ECPs that prescribe MiSight 1 day.

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