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X-Cel Specialty Contacts Launches ‘Feed Your Mind’ REMLens Education

October 13, 2021

DULUTH, Ga. — X-Cel Specialty Contacts has launched a new educational program — “Feed Your Mind” — created to educate ECPs about its latest orthokeratology design, the REMLens.

Tony Caporali, NCLE, X-Cel’s Director of Product Management and Lead Educator, and Cathy Smith, X-Cel’s Director of Sales, will provide a 45-minute course virtually or in-person, including a meal for all attendees. There are four courses from which practitioners can choose:

  • Training and Certification (virtual course): This session provides a thorough review of the REMLens design and the functionality of each zone. Attendees will learn about designing a lens and the fitting and evaluation processes, and each will receive a REMLens certification.
  • Basic Fitting (virtual course): This course covers how ECPs can utilize the online calculator, corneal topography, keratometry, and the patient’s prescription to design the REMLens. Caporali and Smith will go in-depth on the fitting process and lens evaluation, and they will offer tips for troubleshooting.
  • Practice Management (virtual course): In this course, attendees will learn the best ways to market the REMLens in a practice and how to approach conversations with parents about myopia and available treatments. This will also cover basic staff training.
  • Training & Patient Fitting (in-person course): Caporali will critically review the REMLens and support practitioners in fitting their first two to five patients, including the first morning follow-up. This course will also include information on insertion and removal training for patients and staff, and it will offer staff training for practice management.

For more information on Feed Your Mind, including how to register, click here.

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