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WHO to Launch mMyopia Toolkit During ‘Be He@lthy Be Mobile’ Webinar

February 11, 2022

GENEVA, Switzerland — On March 15, the World Health Organization (WHO) will host a webinar as part of its “Be He@lthy Be Mobile” initiative. The session will officially launch a toolkit on how to implement mMyopia.

Experts from WHO and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) worked together to create the toolkit, which includes evidence-based message libraries for key end-user groups, along with operational guidance and resources for adapting, implementing, and monitoring the mMyopia program. The toolkit is intended to assist policy makers, decision makers, and implementers to establish a digital health program targeting education on myopia and its prevention.

The webinar will feature international leaders in the eye care field. Dr. Stuart Keel, Technical Officer, Vision and Eye Care Program, WHO, will discuss the ins and outs of the mMyopia toolkit, and Derrick Muneene, Unit Head, Digital Health Capacity Building and Collaboration, WHO, will share the key elements of the toolkit and how countries can begin to implement it. There will also be a panel discussion, featuring Dr. Sandra Block, President-Elect, World Council of Optometry, and Dr. Marie-José Tassignon, Board Member of the International Council of Ophthalmology. The pair will discuss the role of education and health behavior change in the management of myopia.

To learn more about the event and register for the webinar, click here.

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