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Webinar: Your Myopia Marketing Isn’t Working. Here’s Why

November 25, 2020

In this webinar, Matt Oerding, MBA, explores some common challenges that optometrists face when trying to implement myopia management into their practice. As childhood myopia rates continue to increase, optometrists are becoming more actively engaged in myopia treatment protocols. Despite a now significant amount of clinical evidence and training on myopia management, most optometrists are still struggling to implement myopia management into their practice. This course helps optometrists learn how to market this new service to their patients to educate and inform parents to take action. The course provides evidence-based recommendations based on the extensive research and real world results proven in the marketing efforts and experience at Treehouse Eyes.

THE Myopia Meeting hosted several live webinars for eye care professionals interested in learning from the experts about how to incorporate myopia management into their practices. We are pleased to provide the recorded webinars for your on-demand viewing.  Note: The recorded webinars are not available for CE/COPE credit.


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