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Webinar: How to Add Myopia Management Without Losing Your Mind, Your Staff, and Your Primary Care Practice

May 1, 2020

In this webinar Gary Gerber, OD, co-founder of Treehouse Eyes, delves into the best strategy for building a myopia practice. Knowing how to talk to parents “really is by far the most important piece,” he says. “If we’re talking about myopia management first we need to define, what is myopia, and what is it that we’re managing?”

THE Myopia Meeting hosted several live webinars for eye care professionals interested in learning from the experts about how to incorporate myopia management into their practices. We are pleased to provide the recorded webinars for your on-demand viewing.  Note: The recorded webinars are not available for CE/COPE credit.

Adding any specialty to any practice is rarely as easy as it seems. While you have the best intentions to make it happen, primary care practice life gets in the way of making any changes. If youve come back charged up from previous lectures ready to add myopia management to your practice and still cant seem to get things started, this course is for you.


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