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VTI’s MyPath Myopia Education Initiative Now Available for ECPs

February 7, 2022

ATLANTA — Visioneering Technologies Inc.’s latest myopia management resource — the MyPath Myopia Education Initiative — is now available for eye care practitioners.

MyPath Myopia hosts resources and tools to support the success of eye care practitioners in the management of myopia. VTI has curated content in a variety of categories, including questionnaires, articles, webinars, scripts, helpful websites, efficacy data, and sales materials to help manage the disease of myopia.

Taking part in the MyPath Myopia initiative will help practitioners more effectively:

  • Prepare the practice to become a center of excellence in the management of myopia.
  • Execute the consultation, from patient selection to intervention.
  • Manage the myopia practice, from exam room equipment to fee structure.

Also available to practitioners is the MyPath Myopia Accreditation. The accreditation process expands practitioners’ knowledge and offers progress toward more effectively serving the next generation of myopes. VTI has created a series of short, customized courses with practical information to help both ECPs and staff understand the essentials of myopia management in practice.

“VTI is dedicated to battling the global scourge of myopia and is proud to introduce the MyPath Myopia initiative to serve as a resource for eye care professionals,” said Tony Sommer, Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing. “The MyPath Myopia initiative, with its educational and in-office resources, can help ECPs succeed with the management of myopia in their practices.”

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