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Vision Monday Reports on Myopia Management

Feb. 12, 2020

The cover topic of the February 2020 edition of Vision Monday reports on “Myopia Management: Developing Myopia as a Specialty.” Articles featured in the issue represent how individual optometrists are working to build a myopia management specialty in their practices. They include:

  • A 20-Year Journey to Perfect the Practice of Myopia Management
  • San Francisco ECP Draws Upon Treehouse Eyes’ Resources
  • Mentors Pass Along Key Elements of Myopia Management
  • Orlando Practice Finds Success With ‘Proactive’ Approach to Myopia

“To date, most eye care professionals have not incorporated myopia management into their practices to any significant extent, primarily due to a lack of knowledge about how to integrate pediatric myopia management into a primary care optometric practice,” Dwight Akerman, OD, FAAO, Review of Myopia Management’s chief medical editor, told Vision Monday in the cover story. “ECPs have a professional responsibility to discuss myopia management options,” he added and presented insights about research, statistics, treatments and companies in the category.

To learn some of the steps available to slow the progression of myopia, which many eye care professionals consider a pandemic, read Vision Monday’s report on Myopia Management.



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