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TruForm Optics Acquires DreamLens

September 17, 2020

TruForm Optics today announced the acquisition of DreamLens for managing myopia through overnight orthokeratology. The company says this acquisition will enable licensed eye care professionals to expand the options of managing myopia using DreamLens, manufactured in Boston Equalens II material, once successful online certification is achieved.

“As a growing number of eye care professionals are becoming more educated on the options available to manage myopia, and collectively reduce the rate of the myopia pandemic, we are pleased to add DreamLens to our innovative orthokeratology portfolio,” said Jan Svochak, president of TruForm Optics.

DreamLens is based on a dual compression concept, and each parameter of DreamLens has been clinically validated to provide a high first fit success rate. Modern orthokeratology with DreamLens uses custom designed, reverse geometry gas permeable orthokeratology shaping lenses worn during sleep to reshape the cornea. Eye care professionals can choose to design their DreamLens order online at, using topographical information, K readings and spectacle refraction, or discussing the order with a TruForm Optics expert consultant.

TruForm Optics specializes in advancing the science and technology of specialty gas permeable lens designs for myopia management, scleral lens designs for dry eye and ocular surface disease management, bifocal and multifocal lens designs for low, moderate and advanced presbyopia management, and traditional to difficult-to-manufacture specialty gas permeable lens designs.

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