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Treehouse Eyes Releases New App to Track Myopia Progression

February 22, 2022

BOULDER, Colo. — Treehouse Eyes announced a new online resource for its partner practices to utilize — the Myopia Treatment Decision App, or MY-TDA. The mobile app is available exclusively for Treehouse Eyes practices, and it helps doctors discuss and track myopia progression with parents.

“Educating parents about the risks of childhood myopia can be challenging. We’re excited to launch MY-TDA as a tool to facilitate parent discussion,” said Thanh Mai, OD, Treehouse Eyes Director of Myopia Management Services. “What is unique about MY-TDA is it allows you to show parents projected progression without treatment and with treatment displaying both refractive error and axial length. As we know, axial length is the key to myopia treatment, so having a tool to show this is critical. In addition, MY-TDA allows our partner doctors to save the patient’s details and show progression over time in an easy to use graphical format, which is powerful to show parents the impact of treatment over time. I’ve tested this in my own practice, and the reaction of parents has been impressive.”

Example of a patient’s axial length progression over time. Patient did not agree to treatment until later when demonstrating how fast the progression in axial length and refractive error was. Since starting treatment, axial length growth has leveled off, which corresponds to the orthokeratology treatment 


“MY-TDA is just one of many new tools we are bringing to market to help Treehouse Eyes providers with their myopia management practices,” said Matt Oerding, CEO, Treehouse Eyes. “With our clinical expertise, implementation playbook, patient education tools, and marketing support, I’m excited to help our growing network of Treehouse Eyes practices accelerate their myopia management practice.”


Treated with orthokeratology, note how fast the axial length progression levels off immediately after treatment. Both axial length and refractive error were rapidly progressing until treatment. The downward slope of refractive error corresponds with orthokeratology treatment.

Practitioners can visit to learn more about MY-TDA and Treehouse Eyes.
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