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Treehouse Eyes Opens Five New Locations

Feb. 25, 2020


(From left) Eric To, OD; Nancy Fauria; Michael Fauria, OD; Elaine Chung, OD; Eileen Linder, OD; Bethany Fishbein, OD; Shane Galan, OD

Treehouse Eyes has announced the opening of five new centers. In collaboration with select practices, Treehouse Eyes is bringing its proprietary brand of myopia management into primary-care practices across the country. The company now has 15 centers in eight states and plans to have 30 locations by the end of the year.

“We opened our first two flagship centers about three years ago,” said Gary Gerber, OD, co-founder of Treehouse Eyes. “Last year we launched our first eight partner locations, and due to their significant success with our proprietary program, we are rapidly and carefully expanding. Our patent-pending Treehouse Vision System clinical protocol and our unique business model are in full swing and allowing us to continue to ramp up growth. By partnering with carefully vetted practices that meet certain predetermined requirements, we will continue to accelerate our unique and successful myopia management program within practices as well as continue to build more flagship centers.”

Matt Oerding, Treehouse Eyes CEO and co-founder, called his company “the unquestioned leader and most trusted myopia management brand in the industry. Based on all we’ve learned since launching, and now from our partner practices, we will continue to grow and serve those kids in need.”

Shane Galan, OD, of Diamond Vision in Rockville Centre, New York, said, “It was immediately apparent after visiting a Treehouse Eyes center and during the initial training that this was going to really make a positive impact in my practice. When it comes to my practice’s success, the team at Treehouse Eyes leaves nothing to chance. The marketing, documentation and research are incredibly well thought out and will be a great fit for my practice.”

Elaine Chung, OD, of River Oaks Family Optometry in San Jose, California, another new location, said, “I was already doing some myopia management in my practice but knew that in my area I should be doing more of it. Even though it’s only been a very short time that I’ve been working with the Treehouse Eyes team, I’ve already changed the way I view this important service in my practice and am already seeing some early wins. I’m very excited and committed to bringing this special brand of myopia care to my patients.”

The practices joining the Treehouse Eyes network are:

Eye care professionals interested in learning more can contact Treehouse Eyes at

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