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Topcon Aladdin Software Update Includes the New Myopia Module

March 24, 2020

OAKLAND, N.J. – Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) has released software version 1.9.0 for the Aladdin Biometer with the new Myopia Module to the U.S. and export markets.

The Aladdin Biometer is an instrument intended for biometric determination of ocular measurements such as axial length, central corneal thickness, lens thickness, corneal curvature or keratometry, corneal cylinder axis, anterior chamber depth, white-to-white, and pupil diameter of the human eye. The Aladdin also measures corneal topography and performs static and dynamic measurements of the pupil diameter, or pupillometry.

The Aladdin Myopia Module is a measuring and display program that comes as a standard feature of the instrument in software version 1.9.0. The Aladdin Myopia Module allows eye care professionals to monitor and display trends and progression of eye parameters that are related to the onset and progression of myopia by using the standard measurements performed by the instrument and processing them in a manner that will provide a quantitative documentation of eye changes.


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