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Review of Myopia Management Announces ‘The Orthokeratology Education Initiative’

May 26, 2022

NEW YORK – Review of Myopia Management has released OrthoK 22: The Orthokeratology Education Initiative, consisting of two key components, a comprehensive eResource and a COPE-approved webinar

The Orthokeratology Education Initiative was created to provide eye care professionals interested in starting an orthokeratology specialty or growing an existing one with all of the information and resources they need to provide their patients with the best orthokeratology treatment possible while also building their business.

The 62-page eResource, OrthoK: The Complete Guide to Orthokeratology Success in Myopia Control, was developed by leading optometrists, Michael Lipson, OD, FAAO, FSLS, and Jennifer S. Harthan, OD, FAAO, FSLS, who gathered orthokeratology experts to cover every aspect of this specialty. In fact, Dr. Lipson actually wrote the book on the subject, Contemporary OrthoKeratology.

OrthoK: The Complete Guide to Orthokeratology Success in Myopia Control covers everything from the history of OrthoK through the materials to successful fitting and patient management. In it, you can also access a resource guide with direct links to books, peer-reviewed journals, professional organizations, diagnostic instruments, and manufacturing labs, all related to your orthokeratology specialty.

The webinar, “Latest Innovations in Orthokeratology for Myopia Management,” also includes everything you need to know about building and growing your orthokeratology specialty. This one-hour highly interactive course will allow participants to experience the latest innovations in orthokeratology for myopia management. Evidenced-based literature will be reviewed to highlight when OrthoK should be initiated for myopia management. Instrumentation and advancements in OrthoK lens designs will be emphasized. Case history, corneal tomography, anterior segment imaging, and ocular biometry will be presented during case discussion to enhance the participants’ understanding of troubleshooting for OrthoK. Join Drs. Lipson and Harthan June 29, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. for this free webinar. 

“As the focus on myopia management has increased with the global incidence of myopia, so too has a resurgence in the interest in using orthokeratology to slow its progression in young patients. However, there is a learning curve when treating patients with orthokeratology. This eResource removes any concerns ECPs might have when getting started with OrthoK by providing everything they need to know to incorporate this specialty into their practice,” said John Sailer, Editor-in-Chief of Review of Myopia Management. “With links to labs and educational sources, this comprehensive eResource covers everything related to orthokeratology, including the tools and information for those looking to build their existing OrthoK specialty as well.”

Access OrthoK 22: The Orthokeratology Education Initiative here: 

Access the webinar “Latest Innovations in Orthokeratology for Myopia Management” here:

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