Opportunities in Myopia Management

New Poll Results: How Are Optometrists Responding to the Increase in Myopia?

During May 2019, Jobson Optical Research, sponsored by Essilor, polled over three hundred optometrists from all over the United States to learn more about their attitudes and behaviors regarding myopia management. The results are both encouraging and disappointing. While over six in ten (62.5%) optometrists surveyed said their practices provide myopia management services, almost four in ten (37.5%) said their practices do not offer myopia care for children. We believe the insights gained from this research will be valuable whether you are currently providing myopia care in your practice or contemplating jumping in.

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  1. Interesting in the last 5 years I have noted a levelling off of of myopia. I feel this is due to a change in my practice to more outside activities.

    Also I am noting that the 14 year old gamer who is spending an unusual amount of time on blue screens is limiting out at -0.50 to -1.00.

    Not the higher myopia of the inside heavy reader.


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