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Ocuco Invests in Ocumetra to Support ECPs Delivering Myopia Management

December 16, 2021

DUBLIN, Ireland — Ocuco has invested in Ocumetra, a data science solutions company dedicated to myopia management. As a part of the equity deal, Leo Mac Canna, Ocuco’s CEO, joins Ocumetra’s board, and Ocumetra’s machine learning tools will be integrated with Ocuco’s next-generation, cloud-hosted Practice Management Software (PMS).

“Ocuco sees myopia control as a key opportunity for the industry, and we see our role as providing tools to support ECPs delivering myopia control to their patients. Integrating Ocumetra’s clinical tools into our next-generation PMS brings the clinical support that ECPs need to support this new area within their practice management and EMR system,“ said Mac Canna. 

Ocumetra was founded in 2020 by Professor James Loughman and Professor Ian Flitcroft. The data science company aims to deliver personalized myopia care solutions and vital decision support to practitioners in this rapidly changing field of clinical practice. According to Loughman, Ocumetra’s clinical tools were built based on information from over one million eyes from around the world. Consequently, its machine learning solutions are suitable for eyecare professionals worldwide. 

Ocumetra’s product portfolio comprises nine clinical tools, including interactive ocular growth charts, myopia treatment efficacy analytics, risk indicators, and other clinical decision support tools, such as the Refractogram. The Refractogram makes advanced myopia treatment accessible to all, providing evidence-based, detailed graphical and numerical indicators of treatment efficacy. It allows therapy decisions to be optimized and care benefits to be demonstrated to every patient.

 “This exciting collaboration will allow us to integrate our suite of clinical decision support and patient communication tools within Ocuco’s PMS. Ocumetra’s technology converts the clinical records of each patient stored in Ocuco’s PMS and EMR systems into intuitive infographic outputs, providing personalized and evidence-based treatment information for every patient,” said Loughman. 

Some of Ocumetra’s products will launch early in 2022. Additional products are considered software as a medical device and are subject to regulatory requirements. Hence the company is already working to advance along the regulatory pathway toward ISO13485 accreditation, CE mark acquisition, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

To learn more about the relationship between Ocuco and Ocumetra, listen to this podcast interview, which features insights from Mac Canna, Loughman, and Flitcroft.

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