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‘Losing Sight’ Myopia Documentary Streaming Through November 16

October 21, 2022

Starting on October 30, a new myopia documentary entitled Losing Sight — Inside the Myopia Epidemic will be available to stream online through November 16.

The documentary was created by filmmaker Jane Weiner with the intention of sharing a detailed account of how myopia — particularly childhood myopia — comes with serious eye health risks but can also now be treated with therapies that slow axial elongation. Throughout the film, Weiner travels through the U.S., Asia-Pacific, and Europe to pull back the curtain on the global myopia epidemic.

Weiner showcased the real-world experiences of individuals living with myopia around the world, while also sharing the clinical background from leading experts in the field. The film features insights from: Christine Wildsoet, OD, PhD, FAAO, FARVO,  Thomas Aller, OD, FBCLA, Earl Smith, OD, PhD, Philip Cheng, BOptom, FIAOMC, and Kate Gifford, PhD, BAppSc(Optom)Hons, GCOT, FBCLA, FCCLSA, FIACLE, FAAO, among several others.

“Our goal is to raise public awareness and engage potential audiences (parents, teachers, caregivers, legislators, etc.) for the film’s anticipated release in autumn 2023 on public TV, for community screenings, and in theaters,” said Jane Weiner. “Our reach-out to the eye care industry, associations, and educators has been met with enthusiasm around the world.”

There will be several accompanying virtual and in-person events related to the release of the film. There will be a private audience feedback event, in which interested viewers can sign up for free tickets. Those who sign up will receive a 25-minute excerpt of the film, and they will also have the opportunity to share any commentary, questions, or thoughts about the film to the production team.

Three live panel discussions will be hosted on November 3 in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the United States. Those interested in attending are invited to sign up for free tickets here and also submit questions and comments for the panelists here. The panel discussions will be recorded and available for viewing to event ticket holders after the events.

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