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Johnson & Johnson Vision’s ACUVUE Abiliti 1-Day Lenses Now Available in Singapore

December 9, 2022

SINGAPORE — Johnson & Johnson Vision’s ACUVUE Abiliti 1-day Soft Therapeutic Lenses for Myopia Management are now available in Singapore.

The daily wear, single-use, disposable lens has the potential to slow the progression of myopia in children who are 7 to 12 years old at the start of treatment.*1,2 Abiliti 1-Day is part of Johnson & Johnson Vision’s comprehensive approach for myopia management, including Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses for Myopia Management, an orthokeratology lens, which received CE mark for myopia control in Singapore earlier this year.

“Myopia is often referred to as nearsightedness, but we know it is so much more than that — it is the biggest threat to eye health of the 21st century,3 and in Singapore alone, eight out of 10 children are likely to be myopic by Primary Six,”4 said Vaibhav Saran, Area Vice President, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Asia Pacific. “Young children who develop myopia before the age of 12 are at greater risk of developing high myopia, making them more vulnerable to vision complications later in life.5 That is why it is imperative that we not only control the symptoms of myopia, but also provide solutions that have the potential to slow its progression in children,1 like Abiliti 1-Day.”

Abiliti 1-Day lenses are not traditional concentric ring dual focus lenses1 — they are a breakthrough innovation specifically designed to slow myopia progression in children, and have been shown to reduce axial elongation by 0.105 mm on average over a six-month period.6 The lenses are built from silicone hydrogel (senofilcon A) lens material, the same material as ACUVUE OASYS 1-Day contact lenses, which have never been beaten in comfort.1,7

Singapore is the second market in Asia Pacific, along with Hong Kong, to offer both Abiliti Overnight lenses and Abiliti 1-Day lenses. Abiliti is a holistic suite of myopia management solutions designed to fit seamlessly into the lifestyle of parents and children. This includes the Abiliti Overnight lens, successfully prescribed for controlling the progression of myopia in children as young as six years of age, the SeeAbiliti personalized digital companion app designed to support kids and parents in their myopia management journey, and now the Abiliti 1-Day lens.

Additionally, each annual purchase of an Abiliti product will provide a free comprehensive eye health exam to a child in need through Sight For Kids — a program co-founded by Johnson & Johnson Vision and Lions Clubs International Foundation. Sight For Kids is one of the largest-known, school-based eye health programs that mobilizes Lions and eye care professionals to provide comprehensive eye health services in low-income schools around the world.

Families and eye care professional who want more information can click here.



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* Utilizing a smaller lens diameter designed to fit the smaller anatomical features of a pediatric population children (aged 7-12).

Vaibhav Saran is an employee of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., serving as Area Vice President in Asia Pacific.

 ‡ Compared to single vision contact lenses after six months wear.

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