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Jobson and VuePoint to Update Canadian Myopia Management Survey

May 26, 2021

In 2019, Jobson Research and VuePoint IDS Inc. conducted a survey of nearly 300 Canadian eye care professionals that gauged their attitudes and general usage of myopia management therapies. Now, the organizations are working to produce a two-year update on the 2019 iteration of the survey.

The update will include questions about the various innovations in the field of myopia management over the last two years and reveal the ways that ECPs are using the treatments and technologies that are currently available to them.

Jobson and VuePoint hope that in updating the survey, the findings will reveal where the myopia management market is heading, what areas ECPs should be focusing on, and the ways that ECPs can better serve their myopia patients.

The results from the 2021 survey will be posted in September and will be available to purchase. Organizations can get an early-bird discount for purchasing prior to June 18, or the purchase can include a complimentary question that will be included in the survey.

For more information, contact: Jennifer Waller, Research Director, Jobson Research, at or David Pietrobon, President, VuePoint IDS Inc., at or 226.780.6871 ext.5111

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