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Haag-Streit Sponsors Biometry Focus Month

April 29, 2021

Haag-Streit is sponsoring a Biometry Focus Month this May. The focus on myopia management begins April 30 with a presentation on “Lenstar Myopia – Myopia Management in Your Practice” by clinician Michael Rieger. Then, throughout May, the company will host several educational sessions to help guide eye care professionals through myopia management and Haag-Streit’s suite of comprehensive instruments.

The sessions will offer insights into working with Haag-Streit’s Lenstar Myopia and Eyestar 900. Facilitated by leading experts in the myopia management field, courses will cover:

  • Axial Length in Myopia Control
  • Best Practices for Measurement with the Lenstar Optical Biometer
  • Lenstar Myopia in a Busy Practice
  • Lenstar Myopia – Myopia Management in Your Practice
  • Understanding Topography and Corneal Aberrations
  • Toric IOL Planning with the Lenstar and Eyestar
  • A Practical Approach to IOL Calculation

Scheduled to speak are: Warren E. Hill, MD; David Goldblum, MD; Thomas Aller, OD; Pascal Imesch, MD; Michael Bärtschi, PhD; and Michael Wyss, M.Sc.

All educational courses are virtual, and registration is required. To learn more about Haag-Streit’s Biometry Focus Month, and to register for courses, click here.

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