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Fitting Orthokeratology: One OD’s Own Unique Case Study

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May 16, 2022

Optometrists who fit their patients with orthokeratology lenses rely on their lab consultants to get the perfect fit. Whether experienced OrthoK specialists or just starting out, ODs know that they can count on their orthokeratology lens suppliers to connect them with a lab consultant who will get the job done and provide the most accurate design for their patient.

This was the case when X-Cel Specialty Contacts Director of Product Management, Tony Caporali, worked with Nicholas McColley, OD, MBA, on the optometrist’s own OrthoK lens design. The two worked together to eventually design an X-Cel REMLens that gave the self-described difficult-to-fit Dr. McColley the all-day clear vision he sought.

Watch the video here to follow the evolution of how the two developed just the right OrthoK design for Dr. McColley.


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