Opportunities in Myopia Management

During May 2019, Jobson Optical Research, sponsored by Essilor, polled over three hundred optometrists from all over the United States to learn more about their attitudes and behaviors regarding myopia management. The results are both encouraging and disappointing.

Relative Risk of Ocular Disease Secondary to Myopia

This chart, available for download as a PDF via the link below, can be used as a proof source for parents. It shows the odds ratio of ocular disease as a function of myopia relative to emmetropia.

Which Option to Slow Myopia? A New Clinical Management Infographic

We’re excited to release our new clear, concise and clinically relevant infographic (Which option to slow myopia?) to help you with what we have learnt is the main practitioner need in myopia management, and the most popular discussion topic in the Myopia Profile Facebook group – guidance in selecting the right treatment for your patient.

Myopia Management Guidelines

The ‘Guidelines for Myopia Management’ developed by Brien Holden Vision Institute are easy-to-use, practical tools developed to help the busy eye care...

Myopia Calculator

  The ‘Myopia Calculator’ is a web-based tool developed by Brien Holden Vision Institute Limited to support clinicians in communicating and educating...

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